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Uploaded Kim Jam, date: 16.06.2012

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Video description: It has been 3 years since the birth of Naiya. I'm so happy I took the leap back to Hawaii on Naiya's second birthday, and never returned to Florida. I am not actively hosting pregnant moms who want to be with the dolphins and assisting in their births. If you are feeling the inner calling, guidance, or curious, I encourage you to give me a call or view my website. It truly is magical in Hawaii and the dolphins bring such calm, peace, healing, joy, trust and fun. My phone number is 786-200-8949 dolphin hugs and thank you for watching our journey. This movie is documents my journey birthing Naiya. Birthing with the dolphins. I had never heard of it and was extremely excited to learn more. This is how Naiya wanted to be born...a natural birth story. A dolphin led natural birth journey. Naiya was born August 7, 2011 the perfect way, the way she intended. ~Kim Nelli "Naiya Journey Into Life was a great pleasure to work on and be involved with. On

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